You can make can a difference. 

Dear Volunteers,

The Adams State family has been very supportive of Drew since his accident. Drew really appreciates the fact that all of you gave so generously to fundraisers held for him shortly after his accident. A few months ago, I spoke with Drew about his needs and asked if I could launch a second fundraiser. DG is very supportive of my planned fundraiser.  In addition, Coach Martin fully supports my plan to reach out to the Adams State family in an effort to assist Drew with his new goals and dreams. 

Drew's dream is to create a traveling gym on wheels which will accommodate people with all sorts of spinal cord and neurological injuries. This fundraiser sponsored by "The Colorado ReRun Project" could be a game changer in getting the seed money to kickoff Drew's vision. The name of Drew's non-profit company will be POP-UP GYM.  

I want to be very clear about the purpose of my website, "The Colorado ReRun Project." I designed the website to educate the volunteers helping out with the fundraiser. The Colorado ReRun Project website will NOT be conducting the actual fund drive. We will be using the online fundraising site "" to raise the funds. There is a link to on the HOME page. 

My goal is to find 100+ volunteers to kickoff the fundraiser for "Pop-Up Gym."

I am modeling the fundraiser for POP UP GYM based on a very successful fundraiser I did for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital while running in the Houston Marathon two years ago.  I was able to raise over $3,000 for St. Jude Children's Hospital. I discovered that when you are raising money for a good cause AND you are running in a race for that cause, two things happen. 

1) A much higher percentage of your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers contribute.  

2) The average donation goes up. 

A volunteer can be anyone who believes in the cause.  This is a cause that any dedicated runner, biker, swimmer or walker could get behind. So, please spread the word. It wouldn't surprise me if some former competitors and coaches from Drew's rivals in the RMAC jump on board as volunteers.  The goal is for 100 dedicated volunteers to conduct their very own fundraiser for Drew and the Pop-Up Gym.  Simply choose a race that your are excited about and ask your friends and family to sponsor you in your support of Drew's cause and vision. I want to emphasize that this can be a road race, trail run, bike ride, swim or walk. The choice is yours. Then simply follow the advice on this website to ensure your success.    

Your goal will be to contact 100 of your closest friends to support you.  You may think that contacting 100 friends and family from your personal list is a bit high. Let me explain how I came up with that number. I did a little fact checking.  According to all of the studies,  20-30 years ago, the average person knew about 300 people. Now, with social media, the average person knows about 600 people.  I came up with 100 contacts because that is number of people that most people have long standing relationships with. In other words,   not just an acquaintance. Your loyal supporters will be made up of family and friends from your childhood, high school, college, work, and neighbors.  

I raised in excess of USD $3,000 or GBP £2,070.  I believe each fundraiser could easily raise an average of US $500 / GBP £350. 

50 volunteer fundraisers  X  US $500 / GBP £350 = US $25,000.00 / GBP £17,575 

100 volunteer fundraisers X US $500 / GBP £350 = US $50,000.00 / GBP £35,150 

100 volunteer fundraisers X US $750 / GBP £525 = US $75,000.00 / GBP £52,750 

The fundraiser will run from May 1 - September 30,  2016.  Each volunteer can choose the specific race and distance they want to use as their personal fundraiser for POP UP GYM.  As mentioned above, I will keep things simple by using the online fundraising website,   This allows individuals to contribute right away via credit card.  If  you go to the HOME page and click on

Donate Today, you will be taken to a page that allows you to go directly to Drew's Pop-Up Gym page. Once we have our 100 volunteers from both sides of the Atlantic, I will have detailed information on how we will hit our goal for Drew. One of the keys to our success will be reaching out to people in a personal way. Please, no mass emails, texts or mailings.  

Finally and most importantly, the key to a successful fundraiser for POP UP GYM will be you. Our goal is to raise enough money so that Drew can begin to create his vision of a traveling gym/rehabilitation facility.   

If you choose to volunteer in “The Colorado Re-Run Project”, I initially need two things from you:

1) Sign up on the website as a volunteer 

2) Please get the word out so that we achieve our goal of 100 volunteers

Drew will be participating in some capacity in the fund drive. I have my race and date picked out. I will be racing in this year's BolderBoulder on May 30th. Drew and I are very excited about the possibilities.

Please volunteer today for this worthwhile cause.  I look forward to hearing from you.



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We are looking for 100 volunteers to kick start Drew's Vision of POP-UP GYM 


Please share this website with your teammates, friends and family.  There's no better way to help Drew reach his goal than volunteering for this cause! 


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